Gur & Khandsari Industry

Gur & Khandsari Industry:
  As sugar cane is cultivated all over India, there is immense scope for the development of the gur and khandsari industry. The gur and khandsari industry under Khadi and Village Industries Commission helps ensure full utilisation of sugarcane.

The KVIC scheme only sponsors the technically tested and superior sugarcane crushers available at the market.

Gur is a product which is used as a sweetener instead of sugar, mostly in rural India.

The entrepreneur can receive 10-15% of the production value as profit. There are certain other indirect benefits to the entrepreneur:

  1. Higher food value at lower cost

  2. The necessary equipment can be easily made

Gur and Khandsari can be sold at local haats and shops because of high demand in the rural area.

 The main requirement is a large supply of sugarcane. This can either be bought in the market, or produced by the entrepreneur.

 Substantial working capital is required for buying seeds and storing sugarcane crop for the whole year.

 There are several help systems available at the national level. One of them, the KVIC scheme, is designed to provide efficient crushers.