Palmgur Industry

Palmgur industry is the most primitive traditional village industry in our country.

There are crores of palm trees which can be exploited for production of palmgur and allied palm products, thereby providing opportunities to thousands of rural unemployed youth, especially from the weaker sections of the society.

The organisation is coordinating the production activities of the primary societies,imparting training to the artisans,providing tools/implements, arranging finance from banks, providing marketing support to palmgur and palm products produced by the artisans.

A large number of utility and decorative articles are being produced from the leaves of palm trees. Most of these products are attractive having artistic value, and having very good market potential in urban areas and metropolitan cities. Range of palm leaf articles produced in our state are many.

Considering the utility and food value of various palm products,there is immense potential/scope for further growth and development.By strengthening or extending the palmgur industrial activities, the flow of rural poor to urban cities will be restricted.

To boost rural economy, and generate huge employment in the rural area there is absolute necessity for growth of this industry.The palm industry deserves promotional support from all corners as it proves to be a key to rural economy.