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The world is moving towards natural and Eco-friendly Products. More and more people are becoming conscious of responsibility towards the environment and ecology and products like plastic, etc. are highly looked down upon and greater demand is being generated for bio-degradable and Eco-friendly products.  The KVI Sector produces a Vide range of exclusive products which are having distinct characteristics. Some of the chief KVI products are as under...


Hand spun and hand woven Khadi is very comfortable to wear compared to the artificially made synthetic fibers like Nylon ,Terene , etc.. The products are Cotton , Woollen, Silk and polyvastra Khadi . Cotton Khadi is 100% cotton which has a great demand abroad and it is available in different shades and colours . Attractive readymade garments are being designed in the form Kurta- paijama,shirts, Ghagra Choli, salwar-khammeez and other attractive garments. Khadi can be exported directly by KVIC or through registered merchant exporters registered with the Directorate of Marketing. Trade discount and incentives are available on the Export arranged by the KVIC since Khadi produced in the decentralised sectors requires some time for collection from various producing centres , processing and supplying tom the buyers . However the, material as ordered can be supplied as per the specification at predetermined price fixed by the Commission.

Silk Khadi

Silk Khadi comes in various categories like Tussar, Matka etc. Silk khadi can be converted into shirting , attractive sarees with Zari border or printed saree such as Baluchari sarees, which has rich embroidery or Kanjeevaram with its intricate designs woven in silver or golden thread.

Wollen Khadi

Wollen Khadi items consisting of sweaters, Mufflers, Blankets, Socks.

Polyvastra Khadi

Polyvastra Khadi consisting of shirting and suitings in attractive shades and designs including dress materials and sarees


Fibre utility items are made out of Sisal Banana, Pineapple, Palm and other fibres.  Some of the products include bags, table mats, wall hanging, carpets, floor mats, floor pot holders etc. Palm fibre products like fancy bags, baskets, mats etc. are in great demand.


Leather products range include footwear like Kolhapuri chappals, sandals, shoes and purses, briefcase, jewel bags, vanity bags, attractive readymade garments etc.

Cane and bamboo

Fancy utility articles by using can and bamboo as raw materials are produced in the North eastern parts of the country. The items like furniture, sofa set, partition wall mats , handicrafts, items etc. can be supplied in bulk quantity.


Incense sticks with fragrance are available in different varieties. There is a good demand existing in India and abroad. Incense sticks are made by women workers . Orders can also be executed with buyers brand name and prescribed specifications. In foreign country agarbatti is used as incense in place of artificial air purifier.

Processed Fruit Products

This is one of the activity taken up by the institutions and co-operative societies financed by the Commission. Products like Mango pulp. Tomato Pulp , juices, Chatni etc. can be exported in large quantity. The products are covered under FPO (Food Product organisation) license. There is good demand in the gulf countries for canned products.


Honey is a natural sweet syrup collected by honey bees. There are 2 types of honey produced. One by the bees produced in forest and another apiary honey produced by installing colonies of bees and maintaining these in a systematic manner. Honey is also used as cough syrup, blood purifier and also as a general tonic. The honey in India is costlier than in the international market. However this can be overcome by minimizing the wastage and increasing the productivity.

Hand-made Paper
This is a beautiful product uses the cloth rags and waste paper as raw material for production thus contributing in saving the trees, and hence preservation of ecology. The main strengths of Hand made paper are as follows:
  • Long product life. 100 years or more.
  • Uniqueness in texture.
  • Environmentally friendly, does not use wood pulp as raw materials and hence save trees.
  • Converts waste into wealth, recycling nature.

Hand made paper products range from stationery items like files, letter pads, envelopes, fancy bags, visiting cards, greeting cards, water mark certificate and decoration materials, photo album etc. There is a good market for these products in particular.

Pottery and Stone wear items
Clay articles produced in rural areas by potters known as Prajapaties are in great demand in the country as well as abroad. In the market fancy pottery items and terracotta are in great demand.
Papad and Masala
Papad and masala are in great demand in India and abroad. Mahila Griha udyog Lijjat Papad of KVI , exports papad and masala in a large way to U.K., U.S.A., Gulf countries and Newzealand.
Herbal Products
Number of herbal products like herbal shampoo, tooth powder, health tonic like Chavan Prash and Churnas are being produced by KVI . Herbal products are " in thing" in the foreign market.

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